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Come and discover PaleoJoe’s Dinosaur Detective Club!  Join PaleoJoe–a real paleontologist–as he takes you on Dinosaur mysteries and adventures around the world.

 PaleoJoe’s Dinosaur Detective Club chapter book series…fantastic adventures that every boy and girl will love!  These are page turning stories kids will devour while learning cool facts about their favorite dinosaurs.  Teachers, librarians, and parents will also love the     quality of the stories, written by PaleoJoe with his brilliant co-author Wendy Caszatt-Allen.

 DDC #1: The Disappearance of Dinosaur Sue

Eleven-year-old junior paleontologist Shelly Brooks helps PaleoJoe investigate the disappearance from Chicago’s Field Museum of Dinosaur Sue, the most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered.

DDC #2: Stolen Stegosaurus

Eleven-year-old junior paleontologist Shelly Brooks joins PaleoJoe on a dinosaur dig, this time joined by Shelly’s “friend” Dakota Jackson.  What could possibly go wrong?  Find out if dinosaur thieves can get away with stealing some of the rarest fossils ever found—Stegosaurus eggs.
DDC #3: Secret Sabertooth

PaleoJoe and the Dinosaur Detective Club follow clues to help their new friend Sarra find her      missing brother and solve the mystery of a unique Sabertooth skull which leads them to  La Brea tar pits.

DDC #4: Raptor’s Revenge

PaleoJoe and his Dinosaur Detective Club encounter evil from PaleoJoe’s past as one of his old adversaries reemerges to exact his revenge. Join PaleoJoe, Shelly and Dakota in their quest to save the Balboa Museum’s greatest display ever, the Utah Raptor Claw.

DDC #5: Mysterious Mammoth

The Detective Club crew faces freezing temperatures and danger in Siberia. Join PaleoJoe, Shelly, Dakota and some new friends as they try to find one of the rarest fossil treasures in the world


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