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From Digs to Dreams 
Tri City Magazine November 2008,  Andrea Deering

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From Digs To Dreams


Various TV Spots

PaleoJoe at the Post Ice Age Deposit

PaleoJoe on Fox2 Detroit – October 2007

PaleoJoe on Paula Sands Live KWQC TV 6 Davenport Iowa May 2007

PaleoJoe Loon Montage Jurassic Ball Park Day  July 7th, 2010

PaleoJoe on WKBW AM Buffalo

PaleoJoe on WKBW AM Buffalo (part 2)


WGVU TV       ASK THE …….Paleontologist  April 17th, 2014
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PaleoJoe’s Narrative Stories

 Digging Dinosaurs at Como Bluff – PaleoJoe’s  Wyoming Dig

Rhinos in America – PaleoJoe Digging Rhino’s in Nebraska

Hell Creek – PaleoJoe’s Montana Dinosaur Dig

2008 Ultimate Field Trip  – PaleoJoe’s Reading Contest

Camerasaurus Crazy – PaleoJoe finds the Remains of a Camarasaurus

Camerasaurus Dinosaur Dig continued – Still Diggin’ Dem Bones

Southern Indiana Fossil Dig Trip – 25-27 April, 2014

Dig with the Experts 2014 – 17 May 2014   

Gone Fishing – 24 May, 2014 

Camarasaurus Scapula Finally Removed – 25-31 May, 2014  coming soon

Mazon Creek July 28, 2015

Articles in Mackinac Center for Public Policy    

Michigan Science Section

A Rocking Good Time    2010

 Mackinac Center Petoskey Article   2011