Exhibit Specifications

Exhibit Specifications:

  • 1000 – 5500 Square feet less if wall units can be double hung.
  • 25 Linear feet of wall space that need not be contiguous
  • 5 venue provided floor display cases
  • Total venue case square footage – approximately 25 square feet
  • Lighting fixtures or spots for low-level light is preferred

Exhibit contains

*   Floor Case     Fighting Dinosaurs of Mongolia
*   Floor Case     Dig Site Diorama
*   Floor Case    Ceratopsians
*   Table Top    Rocks in which Fossils are formed.
*   Wall Unit     Ceratopsian horn arrangements with 1/8 scale triceratops skull cast
*   Keichousaurus hui Triassic Reptile skeleton 14″ x 8″  (Venue Provided case)
*   Prep Table with Carpet under the table, Compressor, Attached Light Source, Micro Jack
*   Venue Provided 6 or 8 foot table
*   Two Shelving units to store all materials, tools and chemicals for bone preparation.
*   Edmontosaurus Wall Mounted Mural
*   Wall Panel  Prep Lab Chicago field Museum
*   Camarasaurus Skull cast
*   24 Assorted Edmontosaurus Bones   (Venue to provide display cases).