2 Ohio Trilobites




Two Classic enrolled trilobites from 2 classic sites in the state from 2 different periods.

First Eldredgeops rana from the Silica Shale of Sylvania, Northern Ohio. It is Devonian in age and comes from a classic site now close to the public for decades.

2 Ohio Trilobites and the second is a Flexicalymene retrorsa from the Richmond Group of Mt. Orab near Cincinnati, Ohio from the Ordovician Period. Ohio, like most of the Midwest was under water during parts of our history. Because they were a warm and tropical sea many animals lived there. Animals such as these trilobites. The northern part of Ohio has Devonian rocks exposed, but south, Ordovician rocks are exposed. In the north, the quarries are now closed because of fear of litigation and insurance reasons. But in the south many trilobites are found in dry river or stream beds.

The 2 Ohio Trilobites are quite unique and classic trilobites known to many collectors.

Fossil like this are formed in water environments because the minerals in solution replace the organic material.

These 2 Ohio Trilobites both are small yet perfectly enrolled. The larger of the two is 3/8 inch. Beautifully detailed bugs.

They come in this glass topped leatherette display case.