4 inch Diplomystus Fossil


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Fossil Diplomystus fish from Kemmerer, Wyoming are popular around the world.

These fish HAVE NOT been retouched, painted, enhanced in ANY WAY. This is the way they look when they come out of the ground. Sometimes a little cleaning is all that is necessary. These are exceptionally detailed fish. Individual bones, and sometimes even gill covers and scales are visible.

This 4 inch Diplomystus Fossil Fish is from the area around Kemmerer is well known for the fossil fish coming from there. The fish are normally fully articulated because they were quickly buried and have be immaculately preserved. The original lake was over 900 square miles but only several fossil Buttes are still producing such wonderful specimens.

The 4 inch Diplomystus Fossil Fish sits on a cream colored matrix measuring 5 inches x 7 inches.

Specimen in the picture is the specimen you will receive and this is a super preserved fish. This 4 inch Diplomystus fossil Fish species is a bit different than others because it is a little fatter than other species.   Great fish.

4 inch Diplomystus Fossil from the famous Kemmerer Fossil Beds.

Because fifty million Years Ago an ancient lake existed in what is now Southwestern Wyoming these fish are found at over 7,000 feet above sea level. The unusual chemistry of the lake prevented decay  and scavenging of dead organisms like these fish. They are preserved in laminated “Lithographic” limestone preserving details so exquisitely that these creatures seem like they could have died recently. The bones are clearly visible dark brown on this cream colored rock.

Eocene Epoch
Paleogene Period
Green River Formation

Specimen in the picture is the specimen you will receive.  Beautiful and large fish.