A Naticonema Gastropod


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A Naticonema niagarensis gastropod is a snail from the Silurian Period.

Here is your chance to own a classic fossil from a classic site.
Harder and Harder to obtain fossils from this private quarry in Middleport, New York

A NATICONEMA gastropod is a marine gastropod or snail. These snails are extinct though they resemble modern snails. They are often found in many marine deposits around the world.

The Rochester Shale is a wonderful exposure of Silurian rocks of Caleb’s quarry in Middleport New York.

A Naticonema  gastropod is fairly common in the deposit and is easily recognized. The gastropod is beautifully formed and is 1 inch wide. These animals would crawl on the ocean floor picking up little bits of food.

The Rochester Shale Formation is famous because of the  fossils found there. A Naticonema gastropod niagarensis are snails generally found near crinoid colonies. Because of the fine grained shale the preservation is great. It was formed during the Silurian Period when that part of New York State was a shallow salt water tropical sea and teeming with life. Because it was near the equator and prone to storms fossil formation was easy. The storms would stir up the ocean floor but also the storms moved on to land. It picked up sand and mud which then washed into the shallow seas and lagoons covering the animal. The animals would die and begin to turn into fossils.

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NACTONEMA niagarensis
Silurian Period
Rochester Shale
Caleb’s Quarry
Middleport, New York