Beautiful and Detailed Altiocculus harrisi Trilobite




Altiocculus harrisi (formerly Alokistocare harrisi) belongs to the Order Ptychopariida. Normally they are found in the Wheeler Formation Middle Cambrian House Range, Utah

Altiocculus harrisi is perhaps the most sought after species from the Wheler Shale. The most distinctive feature is the large number of thoratic segments. They are most often found in association with the muxg more common Elrathia kingi.

Percentage wise, Altiocculus harrisi, though found with Elrathias are rarely found. This one is exceptional and it is fully 3D. There are also some peronopsis segments and a negative of a peronopsis on the plate.

The cephalon and eyes are fully developed and preserved. It is a beauty at 1/2 inch long on this 5 1/4 x 1 inch matrix.

Cambrian Period
Wheeler Shale Formation
Millard County, Utah