Once in a lifetime – well with fossils that is a given, but

This is a spectacular piece of ancient Silurian sea floor – Front and Back with numerous bryozoan and crinoids on it view able from both sides. The front has a calyx of a LECANOCRINUS macropetalus crinoid with at least 6 different bryozoan species on it. The reverse has a DENDROCRINUS and again many species of bryozoan.

Here is your chance to own some classic fossils from a classic site.
HARDER and Harder to obtain fossils from this private quarry in Middleport, New York.

Crinoids are actually animals and not plants as the common name “Sea Lilies” would suggest. They are Echinoderms, related to modern day starfish. They were filer feeders capturing their food with the long slender arms or brachioles.

An example of a storm surge that came across the Silurian Sea and washed a fine slurry of mud, dirt and sand across the bottom tumbling the creatures and burying them in the soft silt. There they stayed until found and prepared.

DURING preparation the thin block began to break apart. It was glued back together. THIS IS NOT A COMPOSITE it is as originally found.

The double sided fossil is 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 and can be viewed from both sides. It comes in this handsome 7 inch by 7 inch  “floating” frame and stand so it may be viewed in it’s entirety.

This is the specimen you will receive.

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