Bulk SQUALICORAX “Crow Shark” Fossil Shark Teeth


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SQUALICROAX was an ancient shark and it is also called “CROW SHARK”.

The Squalicorax has small but distinctive heart-shaped teeth that have many sharp serrations. It is pronounced SKWA-lih-CORE-ax. It lived in ancient oceans around the world but most fossilized teeth are found in northern Africa.  They were Middle to Late Cretaceous (105-65 million years ago) in age. They grew to be about 15 feet long and could weigh between 500 to 1,000 pounds.

They ate fish and any other creature that entered the water much as some sharks do today.

The average size of the triangular tooth is approximately 1 inch.

You will receive a serrated tooth similar in size and shape as the ones pictured.

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