Burgess Shale Type Bosworthia


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Just look at the detail in this plate collected and cleaned by World Famous Fossil Expert, Markus Martin.

This is a museum quality Burgess Shale Type Bosworthia Thick branching algae from the Wheeler Shale of Millard County Utah. This is a great fossil that exhibits superb detail right down to the branches of the Algae. Please look closely at the exquisite detail.

Here is a Burgess Shale Type Bosworthia fossil from the Cambrian Period.  They lived, thrived, and became extinct Millions of years before the age of dinosaurs!  We call this Burgess SHALE TYPE because they are not found in the Burgess Shale in Canada, where collecting is forbidden, but in similar deposits in Utah.  This was found and prepared by fossil expert Markus Martin. Because of his vast knowledge and skill this Rare animal from Utah is prepared beautifully.

Bosworthia are normally found in the Burgess Shale. This alga is composed of a long flexible central branch, from which long and relatively thick branches emerge. These branches may further subdivide into smaller branches and narrow along their length. It is hypothesized that there was probably a central stem and attachment structure that would have allowed the alga to attach to the seafloor although this structure has not yet been observed in the fossils. Bosworthia has been described from fragments only (up to 8 cm in length) and the complete size is unknown.

Markus is known world over because of his knowledge of these fossils.

This is a wonderful Burgess Shale Type Bosworthia. You get both the positive and negative pieces

Here is a quite rare and very desirable algae from the Cambrian Period. They lived, thrived, and became extinct MILLIONS of years before the age of dinosaurs!