Calymene Breviceps Trilobite




A wonderful trilobite and Brachiopod Block from the famous fossil site in Waldron, Indiana. It is a Silurian Calymene Breviceps Trilobite block that are prone and in exceptional shape. This is a very showy Trilobite Piece.

Here is a great example of the trilobites coming from this classic and well known site. The Silurian trilobites from this location exhibit great detail though they are interior mold casts. They still exhibit exceptional detail and this is the way they are all found. The trilobites were preserved with a tan color on a tan matrix. Many from this site are also preserved with outstanding thick bodies that make these trilobites very showy.

The Calymene Breviceps Trilobite block has several segments from various Calymene. But it also has some brachiopods as well. Because this is a fossilized section of the sea floor, it displays various species of animals. Because the body segments were able to move trilobites were able to roll up into a ball. One of the trilobites is a partial and partially enrolled. This protected them from storms and predators. Because Indiana was once a tropical sea near the equator it had storms.  Some of the storms were so violent that the trilobite could also roll to protect from them. In this case they are preserved as they would have been in life.

The Calymene Breviceps Trilobite rock is cream colored and triangular in shape. It is is 3 1/2 inches by 3.

A classic trilobite from a classic site. This one is exceptionally preserved.