Crinoid Disk and Column block


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Very Showy Cabinet Piece a spectacular Crinoid disk and column block.

Crinoids members of the phylum Echinodermata. They are closely related to starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars.
Many people call them “Sea Lilies” or Lilies of the Sea. They are not flowers they are actually animals.
They grow on a very long stalk made up of round disk shaped segments.
They attach to the sea floor by means of a “Holdfast” , branching segments. hey also often attached to rocks, corals and bryozoan colonies. They look and act like roots but they are not roots as this is an animal.
At the top of the crinoid column there is a ball-shaped segmented structure called a calyx. At the top of the calyx are the “feathered arms” that filter the water for food particles.When the creature dies, the segments fall apart and become fossilized as these disks or columns in mass assemblages as seen here.

Large assemblages such as this point to a catastrophic event that killed and dis-articulated a crinoid “forest”

This specimen is irregularly shaped on a piece of limestone and 4 x 3 inches. It is loaded with disks and columns.