Dinosaur Bone Fragment


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A chance to own a real piece of a Dinosaur Bone Fragment.

This piece was part of the Humerus, the upper arm of an Edmontosaurus. The bone itself was too badly damaged to repair or even restore.

Digging is South Dakota we often find bones that are too badly damaged to repair. We call them “rotten”. They usually come from the Hell Creek Formation. Such is with this Dinosaur Bone Fragment.  The humerus was in terrible shape, mainly because the sediment is so soft and the bones weather greatly near the surface. So in these cases I try to repair and restore but if it is impossible I preserve what I can and stabilize the bones and pack them like this for sale. This bone has been stabilized with a glue I make myself called vynac.

This Dinosaur Bone Fragment was found in a bone bed of Edmontosaur dinosaurs. Found near the town of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

When digging for dinosaurs we attempt to jacket the bone. First we dig a trench around each bone because trying to encapsulate all of the bones would be too heavy. Once that is done we  jacket the bone using tin field and plaster soaked burlap. Because the plaster hardens quite fast we are able to roll the bone over and jacket the other side.

When I opened the jacket at home to prepare it I saw it was so badly damaged I decided it was not worth the effort so here is a real Dinosaur Bone Fragment from an Edmontosaurus.