Ductina vietnamina Trilobite


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The Ductina Vietnamina Trilobite is a Devonian Trilobite from China.

Found in the Nandan Formation of Guangxi Province. They are generally well preserved. They are in a gray to red matrix and the trilobite itself is generally red to orange in color. This is due to the large amounts of iron compounds in the water when the fossil was being formed.

The Ductina Vietnamina Trilobite is generally oval in shape but it is still very hydrodynamic. So being able to move through the water without undo drag on it’s body it is believed they could move rather quickly trough the water. Because they were bottom dwellers and had mouth parts on the underside of the creature they were scavenging bottom feeders.

They are called trilobites because they have 3 distinct body lobes running vertically. The Ductina Vietnamina Trilobite, like all trilobites,  also have three main body sections. The head, thorax and tail. The top of the body was a hard shell and the bottom had the legs and gill branches so the creature could move and breathe. Trilobites were the first complex creature on earth that had eyes. But not all trilobites had eyes. Some that lived in deeper water did not because no sunlight reached those depths.

This one is 1 5/8 long on a 3 1/2 by 2 3/4 inch matrix.