Edmontosaurus Radius Bone Fragment


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This is part of an Edmontosaurus radius. While prepping the bone it was determined that it was so badly damaged that finishing the prep would be a waste of time and nearly impossible. So the bone fragment has been stabilized, prepped and placed in this very attractive plastic frame that makes it seem like it is floating, suspended within the frame.

The frame itself is plastic with two ultra thin clear plastic sheets that hold the bone suspended nearly invisible.

The frame is 11 centimeters square, 2 centimeters wide and comes with a base.

The bone is irregularly shaped and is 8 cm long by 4 cm wide. The bone and frame come with an information card.

Senonian Epoch
Maastrictian Stage
Cretaceous Period
67.5 Million Years ago
Hell Creek Formation.
Private Ranch near Belle Fourche, South Dakota.