ELDREDGEOPS rana mass plate


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This is a wonderful block of a localized mass mortality of small Eldredgeops trilobites. It consists of 1 complete partially enrolled Eldredgeops trilobite .81 inches and he is preserved in profile. There is one head section.98 inches and exhibits superior eye lenses and 2 enrolled thoraxes.77 inch and .83 respectively.

These come from the famous Penn Dixie Quarry of Hamburg, New York on the shores of Lake Erie just south of Buffalo. These trilobites are classic for their excellent preservation and superior detail right down to the individual eye lenses.

The block is preserved as a fine grained shale hence the excellent preservation. The specimens have been meticulously prepared by experts using air abrasive technology.

The matrix is an irregularly shaped, fine grained shale 6 3/4 by 4 inches.

This is the specimen you will receive.

Eldredgeops rana
Devonian period
Windom Shale
Penn Dixie Quarry
Hamburg, New York