Enchodus Fish Tooth


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Exceptional Enchodus Fossil Tooth sometimes called Saber-Tooth Herring. Price is for 1 tooth.

These fish were most likely devastating hunters. Large individuals of this species had fangs measuring over 2.4 inches in length. For this price you will receive 1 Fish similar in size and shape to the ones pictured.
The total body length was only to just about 5 ft.

Enchodus Fish Tooth. These fish were also sometimes called Wolf Fish similar to the fish of today but they are a different species that is now extinct. These specimens come from  Morocco. They are in exceptional condition. These teeth are called spitters because they are broken. Broken teeth such as these were broken when the animal was feeding. Because these fish were meat eaters and great hunters they sometimes broke teeth during feeding. But that was not an issue, they would just regrow the new teeth to take place of the broken ones.

We will choose the biggest and best Enchodus Fish Tooth of the ones we have to send to you. Price is for 1 tooth.

Enchodus lived during the Cretaceous and was small to medium in size. One of the most things about these fish are the large “fangs”.  These fangs, and long long sleek body and large eyes, suggest Enchodus was a predator.