Fossil Baby Coral


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This is a Fossil Baby Coral. Many call these Petoskey Stones. It is truly not a Petoskey until someone polishes it. This “head” is roughly 2 inches wide. But it is a special piece. It also shows the underside attachment point to the coral reef. This fossil is from the Rogers City, Michigan area.

It is preserved as a roughly circular coral. Specimen in the picture is the specimen you will receive.

This Fossil Baby Coral is a Petoskey Stone or more properly Hexagonaria coral.

During the time this fossil was alive, the Devonian, Michigan was near the equator. But due to tectonic plate action it has moved to it’s present location. Because of glacial activity this fossil was exposed.

Because Michigan was near the equator, storms such as hurricanes ravage the ancient shallow seas. But the storms also hit the land creating a slurry of mud and sediment that covered the corals. Because not all coral was covered equally some continued to grow while others did not. This Fossil Baby Coral, Petoskey Stone exhibits outstanding detail in the septa, the lines of the coral. But remember these were animals and not plants. They lived and thrived in shallow seas.

Specimen in the picture is the specimen you will receive.