Fossil Baby Pachycephalosaurus Rib




This is a very fine and detailed Fossil Baby Pachycephalosaurus Rib.

This was discovered in Hardin County South Dakota in the early 2000’s. Because it is from an old collection we are now able to offer it to collectors..

This Fossil Baby Pachycephalosaurus Rib is displayed very nicely with a piece of matrix still attached. But this piece has been meticulously prepared and stabilized. The Dinosaur was a plant eater and as such needed some form of protection. But this dinosaur had a great means of protection. In a full adult the dome on the head was a full 6 inches thick. Because of this the head was a formidable weapon. It is also believed they would butt heads in ritual mating and territorial displays.

Because Fossil bones are so fragile anyway, it is very difficult to find baby or sub adult bones intact. But in this case this rib is beautifully preserved. But often the bones are badly damaged due to scavenging. Also small bones like this are often eaten or stepped on thereby destroying them.

This Fossil baby Pachycephalosaurus bone is nicely curved and is 8 1/4 inches long. But remember it is attached to a small piece of matrix for display.