Fossil Laurel Leaf


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Here is a very nice fossilized leaf from a primitive Laurel Tree.  It shows exceptional veining  in the leaf as well as a really nice color.

The leaf is 1.5 cm long by .8 cm wide. It sits on a piece of matrix 5.5 cm by 3.5 cm wide. The leaf conrtasts nicely against the matrix.

This is from the Green River Formation of Colorado. The Green River Formation is well known for the diversity of fossilized flora and fauna that has been found. Most notable it is known for the fossil fish – that you may also see for sale in this store – but other forms are found as well. nearly the entire ecosystem is represented in some way in the fossils found here.

The PHOTOGRAPH on top is an enlargement of the block that can be seen BELOW the photograph.

This specimen comes in this handsome protective 4 inch by 5 inch black, glass topped collectors case. You will receive both the positive and negative of the leaf.

This is the specimen you will receive.