Fossil Metasequoia Pine Cone


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Excellent ancient Metasquoia “Dawn Redwood” Cone Fossil.

This 3/4 inch round Fossil Metasequoia conifer seed cone is from the Cretaceous dinosaur era.

This is an excellent Fossil Metasequoia Pine Cone. These are highly sought after and quite rare. They are related to the modern day California Sequoia trees. Because fossil leaves can be found in large numbers it is believed the ancient Dakota  landscape was a coniferous jungle.

The individual indentations are what held the individual seeds. These Cretaceous-aged fossils found in the area of South Dakota. This Metasequoia Cone is from conifer or pine trees. Conifers were one of the trees that first populated the earth before other trees. Because the seeds were so light they drifted a bit in the wind spreading trees far and wide. The individual cone produced many seeds. Cones like this are still found on certain species of pine trees today. The Metasequoia Pine Cone Fossil came from trees that would produce cones every year and because of that the trees could soon populate large areas. The cones also produced food for other animals much as they do today.

This Metasequoia Pine Cone Fossil comes in this glass-topped leatherette display case. The case is 4 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. The case is designed to protect the fossil inside from damage.