Fossil Sabertoothed Cat Tooth




This is an Exceptional Fossil Sabertoothed Cat Tooth found in Florida in 2007.

This animal is quite famous and remains of such creatures are quite rare.

This is an exceptional Fossil Sabertoothed Cat Tooth found in a river in Florida in 2007. This comes to us from an old collection and has been preserved and stabilized. This is a carnassial, one of the teeth that actually shred meat of the prey animal. Because the Sabers were so long they needed to slice meat with these carnassial teeth. And if you watch modern cats today you will see if they are chewing a large piece of meat, they use the teeth on the side.

.Because these sabertoothed animals are more closely related to lions that tigers, the correct name is Saber-toothed Cat. Partial remains are sometimes found in varous states but complete specimens are often found in the LaBrea Tar Pits.

This Fossil Tooth comes in a 3 1/4 by 3 1/4 “floating Frame”. The Frame is attached to another frame that contains more information about the tooth. Because the tooth is so rare and valuable it has been protected this way. The main frame has a picture of what a Saber-toothed cat might look like and a brief description.