Fossil Stingray Barb


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Very detailed Fossil Stingray Barb from the Pleistocene deposits found in Florida. The detail of the tail spine is very good.  And it does exhibit a little bit of rounding on the edges. This is because of tumbling in the river. The texture is clearly visible in exceptional detail.

Found and collected by divers in rivers in Florida. The tip is broken but a very nice piece.

This Fossil Stingray Barb has not been retouched, painted, enhanced in any way. Because this is the way they look when they come out of the rivers, they present very well.  Sometimes a little cleaning is all that is necessary. Because this is an exceptionally detailed piece of bone, it is easy to identify. Such is the case with this Fossil.

During the Pleistocene Florida was periodically inundated with water. Animals lived and died and were buried. They became fossils and because the earth is always changing rivers formed. And as they formed they would change course over time. So this would expose buried fossils and deposit them in the bottom of rivers.

Today many people including divers search the river beds and banks in search of fossils from the Ice Age. Many fossils can be found there such as this Fossil Stingray Barb and including various other animals and alligators. Often mammal bones and teeth are found as well.

The Fossil Stingray Barb is 1 3/4 inches long. It comes in this glass-topped leatherette collectors case that is 4 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. Specimen in the picture is the specimen you will receive.