Fossil Toothed Fish Jaw


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Florida River Find

This is a really neat but very small fossil. This fossil bone is from a fish that swam around the Pleistocene in Florida.

This Fossil Toothed Fish Jaw was found in one of the rivers that crisscross Florida. During the Pleistocene Florida looked much different than it does today. Most of the southern parts were ocean. Because near the end of the Pleistocene Glaciers were melting, sea levels rose. During this time fish swam over what is now dry land. But successive deposits of dirt, silt and sand covered the bottom of the sea animal remains were buried. And this began their long process of fossilization.

But as the glaciers returned sea levels fell exposing the land once again but the remains stay buried. Over time rivers would cut across the state and expose some of the long lost sediment. Because the rivers do change course every year new fossil finds are made.

The Fossil Toothed Fish Jaw is but one of the many types of fossils found by divers in the rivers. Because the area transitioned from dry to wet, we can also find remains of mammals.

This fossil comes in this handsome 4 1/2 inch by 5 1/4 inch glass topped leatherette collectors case.