Fossilized Shark Vertebra


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Fossilized Shark Vertebra. These fossils are the second most common shark fossil found. These creatures do not have hard bones or skeletons. Most of the body is cartilage.

These have been fossilized and give us some evidence of what the animal was like.

Price is for ONE Fossilized Shark Vertebra. Sharks have been around on earth since the Devonian Period but most people think sharks are more recent. Sharks in the ancient seas were much smaller than they are today but probably just as fierce. The reached their height in the Eocene Period some 40 to 50 million years ago. The largest was the Megalodon but there were many smaller species too.

But each piece is uniquely different. Photo is as an example only. You will receive one Vertebra similar to the one pictured. Besides Shark teeth these bones give us evidence of marine prehistoric life.

This Fossilized Shark Vertebra comes is this handsome  3 x 4 inch high, glass topped collectors display case.

So the specimen in the picture is an example of the specimen and you will receive one similar to the one pictured.
We will choose the biggest and best one of the lot we have at that time to send to you.