Fossilized Turtle Poo


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Fossilized Turtle Poo from Madagascar. These specimens are naturally shaped just over an inch long.  This piece comes in a 3 x 4 inch, glass topped collectors display case.

Some call this fossil “dino doo” but usually it is hard to determine what creature left it behind. These are fossilized feces.

Fossilized Turtle Poo found in the plains of Madagascar. “Poo” is considered a trace fossil because it leaves only  a trace of the animal not the real thing. At times trace fossils can tell us more about the creature than bones can. Because it is fossilized it can be studied. When feces is cut open if seeds or plant material is found it was an herbivore. But when cut open and bone fragments are found it was a carnivore.

Fossilized Turtle Poo. So with fossilized coprolite sometimes it can be determined what the creature ate and what types of plants lived then. Coprolite has been found around the world in various places and during different ages. Some from the Ice Age has been discovered in caves and some is found in the deserts of the southwest. Because we find many turtle shells in the area we can guess the feces are turtle. Even human coprolites have been found. Again these fossils are trace fossils and can tell us much about the past. Specimens in the picture are comparable to the the item you will receive.  We will choose the best at time of purchase.