Great little AMECEPHALUS packi from Nevada


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Collected and prepared by World Famous Trilobite Expert, Markus Martin.

This is an exceptional and quite rare AMECEPHALUS packi. This is an exceptional trilobite that exhibits superb detail. It is next to a very detailed dendrite mat making his a very showy piece. It is exceptionally inflated. Please look closely at the exquisite detail.

Here is a quite rare and very desirable trilobite from the Cambrian Period, the “Age of Trilobites.”  They lived, thrived, and became extinct MILLIONS of years before the age of dinosaurs!  Trilobites spanned a time that  covered 5 geological periods spanning over 300 million years of Earth’s history.

The trilobite is 1/4 inches long on an irregular matrix 2 1/2 by 1 3/4 inches. It is superbly inflated and detailed exquisitely.

Middle Cambrian
Chisolm Shale Formation
Lincoln County