Great mass plate, ELRATHIA and BOLASPIDELLA


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Collected and prepared by World Famous Trilobite Expert, Markus Martin.

These “Red Bed” Trilobites exhibit superb detail and are exceptionally inflated.

Elrathia kingii is one of the most well known and recognizable trilobites.  However “Red Bed” trilobites are more rare. Here is a very nice trilobite from the Cambrian Period, the “Age of Trilobites.”  They lived, thrived, and became extinct MILLIONS of years before the age of dinosaurs!  Trilobites spanned a time that  covered 5 geological periods spanning over 300 million years of Earth’s history.

This square shaped matrix measuring 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches holds two similar, small trilobites.  The Elrathia kingii measures 7.71 mm by 6.64 mm.  The Bolaspidella measures 3.83 mm by 2.95 mm.  Take some time with your magnifier and see what else you may find.

The trilobite comes in a protective black foam block.

Middle Cambrian
Wheeler Formation
Millard County

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