Great Thick shelled CALYMENE niagarensis with lots of other “stuff”


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A classic trilobite from the famous Rochester Shale Silurian Deposits of New York. Unfortunately these trilobites are becoming more rare as this quarry is beginning to play out.

Here is a great example of the trilobites coming from this classic and well known site. The CALYMENE trilobites from this location exhibit outstanding detail. They normally are preserved with a rich black color on a dark gray or gray matrix. Many from this site are also preserved with outstanding inflated carapaces that make these trilobites very showy. This is a trilobite on the large side of average.

The trilobite itself is 1 1/4 inch by 3/4 inch on an irregular gray matrix 4 1/4 by 3. The exoskeleton is very thick and detailed. This one is a GREAT example of this bug plus there is a great deal of trilobite parts, bryozoa and other material on the block.

A classic trilobite from a classic site.

CALYMENE niagarensis
Rochester Shale
Middleport New York