Great Turritella Gastropod


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These are Turritella Gastropods which are snails. They are from the Mississippian Period of Indiana.

Snails such as these marine examples were common in the ancient seas.

Great Turritella Gastropod. Gastropods are snails. Because they are a critical bottom feeder they still occupy a niche in our environments today. These snails can be found in various deposits around the world. There were as many as 740 families of Gastropods but now there are only 476. Gastropods generally have spiral shells but that is not always the case. Some have straight and some are coiled.

This Great Turritella Gastropod shows exceptional preservation. And gastropods are found in nearly every period of earth’s history and on nearly every continent. Gastropods were marine but also land animals. They varied in size and shape greatly. There were also land snails called slugs. But these are called slugs and they had no shells. 

Mississippian Period
Salem Formation
Sulpher, Indiana

Each piece of these Great Turritella Gastropod snail shell is uniquely different. . When held up to the light they show the carnelian gem color. 

Photo is as an example only. You will receive one gastropod similar to the one pictured.

Comes is this handsome  3 x 4 inch high, glass topped collectors display case.