Guide to Michigan Fossils


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PaleoJoe’s soft cover book you could take to the field with you will help you find and identify fossils.

This long awaited edition covers sites that are accessible to collectors, tools, equipment and an identification guide to some of the fossils found within Michigan.

The Guide to Michigan Fossils is 120 pages with full color photos highlighting some of the Sweet Spots to find fossils and a color guide to the identification of some of the more common fossils.

It is by far NOT a complete Guide to Michigan Fossils, but it is a good start for the beginner. There are so many other references for the thousands of different species found within the state. It is just what it says, a beginners guide.

Michigan was once the bottom of an ancient salt water tropical sea. Because millions of years worth of sediment covered much of the state most animals were hidden. Because of the glaciers that flowed across the state, the bedrock of the ancient Devonian Seas became visible. Michigan was located near the equator but because of the movement of the north America plate it has moved. We know we were a tropical sea because of the fossils we find. We can find corals, crinoids, sea shell, and many more creatures that today only live in the oceans. Fossils can be found across the state but most are found in the upper part of the lower peninsula.

Fossils preserved here are found in shale and are beautifully preserved.