Historical Collection nodule with cephalon and thorax of an Illaenus katzeri trilobite from the Czech Republic


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Please take the time to look through the entire Historical Collection Tab for lots more fossils from a unique collection.
These are excellent for the species collector. Though the fossils may not be complete, this is an opportunity to own a species you may never get to see again. Many of the locations are now gone either to private ownership, closed quarries, international law prohibiting collecting or even just construction obliterated the site.

This is a nice cephalon and thorax in a nodule of an Illaenus katzeri from the Czech Republic

Recently I rescued an old collection from an uncertain Fate. I have purchased a collection of gastropods, Echinoderms, Trilobites and other fossil specimens complete with the old labels. Sometimes I feel the labels are worth just as much if not more than the fossil itself.

Where possible and I can read the German script I have at least annotated what country they are from. As far as genus and species sometimes it is hard for me to read the script.

In some cases the fossil is not complete or in need of further preparation but I have left them as is.

I have only dusted off the fossil with a soft bristle brush, I have dusted off the label. I have also attempted to flatten the label and remove creases by using a hot iron with the label between two pieces of soft cloth. Sometimes the ironing did flatten the label and in some cases it could not. Also some labels have had the corners chewed off by mice, in all I think it is an outstanding piece of history.

I have placed them in glass-topped leatherette cases for protection.  This case is 4 inches by 5 inches. Look through all the historical collection as I am constantly adding pieces as I clean them.

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