Here is your chance to own a classic fossil from a classic site.
HARDER and Harder to obtain fossils from this private quarry in Middleport, New York

A very nice DENDROCRINUS celsus crown and stem from the famous Silurian fossil beds of Middleport, New York. These crinoids are actually animals and not plants as the common name “Sea Lilies” would suggest. They are Echinoderms, related to modern day starfish. They were filer feeders capturing their food with the long slender arms or brachioles.

This large DENDROCRINUS crinoid crown is slightly disarticulated and missing some of the brachioles due to possible storm damage prior to fossilization. These creatures had an exoskeleton so when they died the various parts fell apart littering the bottom of the ocean with pieces.  This one is only slightly disarticulated so it was buried fairly rapidly. This one also exhibits small amounts of pyritization on some of the brachioles that show up white in the picture.

However crinoids are becoming more and more rare from this location so to find any on the market is special. This one has a partial stem.

This crinoid is 7 1/4 inches tall from to the tip of the crown. It is 2 1/2 inches wide. It sits on an irregular block of grey shale matrix that is 11 3/4 inches by 6 1/4 inches wide. There is a bryozoan to the top right of the crown.

A great addition to a collection of Rochester Shale fauna. Who knows when another will be found.

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