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Here is a wonderful PARASPIRIFER bownockeri brachiopod. A very showy piece. There is a little residual matrix on the shell.
The Devonian Silica Shale from Lucas County in Northwestern Ohio at one time produced many PARASPIRIFER bowenockeri however with the closing of quarries they have become VERY scarce. The shells are covered by iron pyrite – fools gold which makes them very attractive to look at. They generally average around 2 inches long but have been found up to 3 inches. There are also many other species of brachiopod found in those sediments also pyritized.
It is a large brachiopod reaching a maximum of 3 inches in length. It is believed to have inhabited shallow mudflats. Sitting on its pedicle valve it was a filter feeder.

This is a wonderfully pyritized PARASPIRIFER though the pictures do not do it justice.

They are no longer readily available as the quarries have shut down or have denied access due to regulations. It is still possible to purchase these in local rock shops and rarely at rock shows.

This PARASPIRIFER is 2 inches long at the base. It has a second one still in matrix on the block. There is also lots of other pyrite on the block.
The block is an irregular 3  by 2  inches.

This is the specimen you will receive, and again pictures do not do these pyritized brachs justice.