Mammoth Rib Fossil




Fossil Mammoth Rib measures 6 1/4 inches long.

Excellent preservation of this Ice Age animal rib segment.

Here is an excellent Mammoth Rib Fossil segment that was found in a Florida river. Because of the ever changing course of rivers these items can now be found. This rib

These animals were alive until around 12,000 years ago when they finally vanished. Some people believe it was due to over hunting of the animals. Mammoths were close relatives of the elephants today so they appear very similar. Elephants have tusks but the Mammoth Tusks were longer and more curved. The Fossil Mammoth Rib looks much the same as modern elephants. This rib appears to be one of the smaller ribs near the back of the mammoth. Their size was also relatively similar. They ate the grasses of the tundra and were believed to be migratory. Because they moved around quite a bit they can be found in various parts of Alaska and Russia. Some remains have also been found at the bottom of the North Sea and Baltic. Because during the Ice Age, sea levels were much lower the Baltic and North Sea were dry land.

This Mammoth Rib was recently found and prepared. These are generally found in Florida rivers. Because they were found there they are usually broken. And they must be dried out and the preserved to stabilize them.