This is a Wonderful reference book for fossil collectors in Michigan. This is a reprint with additions and corrections of the Kesling and Chilman Silica Shale Book.

The Silica Book is considered the best reference guide for. But not only for the Silica Shales but also helps identify the ancient Devonian life from the rest of the state.

This Michigan Fossil Book, Strata and Mega Fossils of the Middle Devonian Silica Shale is one of the best sources of Fossil Identification. Because things change over time, this book has been revised by the University of Michigan to provide up to date information about Michigan Fossils. The book was originally written in 1975 and it was revised in 2012.

The U of M Museum of Paleontology undertook the revision because it felt the book needed updating. And also to make the book available to the public. There was a limited run and they are almost gone. It contains 338 pages and numerous plates and diagrams. Because the photographs are so crisp and clear they showcase the fossils in outstanding detail.

The book discusses localities, previous written works and geological structures. Bu t it also contains genus and species information as well as descriptions.