Naticonema on matrix


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Here is your chance to own a classic fossil from a classic site. A Naticonema on Matrix.
HARDER and Harder to obtain fossils from this private quarry in Middleport, New York

This is a complete gastropod that was collected decades ago and just recently prepared by our prep lab..
Here is a Super detailed fossil from a classic site in NY.

A Naticonema on Matrix. Naticonema is a marine gastropod or snail. These snails are extinct though they resemble modern snails and they are often found in many marine deposits around the world.

The Rochester Shale is a wonderful exposure of Silurian rocks and Caleb’s quarry in Middleport New York is one of the best. This area was once a shallow salt-water sea but currently it is dry land.

This is A Naticonema on Matrix and it is quite small but the detail is outstanding. The gastropod sit on a cream colored matrix 1.75 inches by 1.35 inches. But gastropod is beautifully formed and is .44 inches long and .33 inches wide.

Professionally prepared with micro air abrasive technology.

The quarry where this was found is the remains of a salt water environment. Because the preservation is so wonderful, many of these specimens are in museums around the world.