Nepherolenellus Genticulatus Trilobite


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This is a wonderful block with several Nephrolenellus Genticulatus Trilobite positive and negative impressions with one negative with a visible hypostome.

The area around Pioche Nevada has long been known for the Olenellids that come from the shale deposits there. These fossils are highly sought after due to the exceptionally long spines. There are many species in that deposit that are equally ornamented.

This Nephrolenellus Genticulatus Trilobite block has has 3 positive trilobites and one really nice negative with the hypostome attached. There is also a dendrite on the plate. The crack in the matrix has been stabilized.

But with most early trilobites these have only thinly calcified body segments. Although most of the body is rather flat, the frontal part of the central area of the head is raised slightly. The majority of the spines are quite long and every segment of the main body has long spines. Most trilobites have decent sized tail sections but the Olenellus have very mall tails. But they also end in long spines.

The negative impression itself is 1 1/2 inches long. There are also many discarded segments on the plate which is roughly 8 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches.

Nephrolenellus Genticulatus Trilobite
Cambrian Period
Pioche Shale “C” Member
Pioche, Nevada