Nice Group of PERONOPSIS trilobites


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This is a great assemblage of PERONOPSIS trilobites.  There are two adult trilobites and one small one on this plate. They are also one of the most well known and recognizable trilobites coming from the Wheeler Shale.
They are sometimes found in vast numbers in mass death assemblages. Here is a very nice trilobite from the Cambrian Period, the “Age of Trilobites”

Its distinct black color on a gray matrix makes the trilobite seem to jump off the shale rock matrix.

They lived, thrived, and became extinct MILLIONS of years before the age of dinosaurs!
Trilobites spanned a time that  covered 5 geological periods spanning over 300 million years of Earth’s history

They are set on an irregular shaped matrix block that is 1 3/4 by 7/8.

A Classic trilobite from a classic location.

Cambrian Period
Wheeler Shale Formation
Millard County
Delta, Utah