North American Fossils kit


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PaleoJoe has created a North American Fossil kit for everyone including teachers. It also serves as a beginners Fossil Collection for that child or grandchild interested in fossils.

The kit comes in this Plastic 7 compartment box and has an information card attached labeling the fossils in each compartment.

This North American Fossils kit contains 7 different fossils from North America. Because fossils are taught in grade school, middle school and high school this kit is a perfect add on. Teachers do not always have a well rounded education when it comes to fossils so this kit can help. It is also great for kids and grandkids because the fossils are large and identified.

The kit contains brachiopods and corals to name but a few. The fossils are separated by dividers so they do not get mixed up and there is an ID card with it. The IC card names the fossil and gives general location or state where it was found. Because these fossils are not found around the U.S. they also make a great gift  for a beginning fossil enthusiast. They make great Christmas gifts but don’t just wait for Christmas they make great gifts all year long.

There is some slight variation with the fossils in the North American Fossil kit with size and shape but they are all great quality and highly detailed.

It includes 7 Fossils from around North America and it comes with a descriptive card. Because students sometimes are not careful  with class materials the fossils come in this rigid box.