North American Trilobites Book


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PaleoJoe’s Second Edition of A Pictorial Guide to North American Trilobites.

This is a new COLOR edition with many photographs of some of the trilobites you may find in North America. A very good beginners guide to these magnificent ancient salt water arthropods. Trilobites were once so plentiful that the Cambrian Period was called The Age of Trilobites.

North American Trilobites Book has 88 pages detailing the description and where some of the trilobites may be found. It includes collecting information and some public dig sites and lots of information. Because trilobites are so desired and most books do not cover Trilobites in North America, this book is a good beginners guide.

To many people these ancient creatures are the most exciting animals of the Paleozoic. Because the trilobites were the first creature on earth that had eyes they fascinate us. North American Trilobites Book explains how these animals swam and crawled around the ancient oceans. And these animals lived long before the age of Dinosaurs. These animals had a hard shell covering the body. Because of the hard shell they must shed that exoskeleton in order to grow. Most of what is found as trilobites are those hard pieces of shell. This book will help you identify trilobite fossils.

Because North American Trilobites Book describes some of the over 20,000 different species of trilobites and how they lived it is a good beginners guide.

Thanks to the dedication of scientists and amateurs, we are learning more about this fascinating creature.

This book is designed as a basic identification guide to some of the most popular and common trilobite fossils of North America.



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