Ordovician Selkirkia Worm




This is an example of an Ordovician Selkirkia worm from the Frankfort Formation of New York.

Soft bodied fossils, Worms such as this are rare and in most cases exhibit soft tissue preservation as pyrite replacement.

This is a Natural Ordovician Selkirkia Worm from deposits in New York.. Because soft tissue preservation is so rare, these fossils are highly sought after. These fossils are generally very small. So in this block there is one small soft bodied worm. These fossils come form the rich layers originally worked and described by Beecher. Because of his work we now know more about these creatures and their soft tissue replacement.

The Ordovician Selkirkia Worm was found in Frankfort Formation of Oneida County, New York. This area is also well known for pyritized trilobites.

Because of the deposits they are found in, they appear to have lived on the deep sea floor and these environments with little oxygen was perfect for fossilization. These were found in the Frankfort Formation, called Beecher’s Trilobite Bed.  This Ordovician Selkirkia Worm is delicately preserved to the point of soft tissue preservation.

Because of the special environment found here during the fossilization process, many soft bodied creatures are well preserved.

This one is just over 3/4 inch long and sits on a dark gray rock roughly triangular 2 1/4 inches by 3 1/4 inches.