Pachicephalosaurus Dinosaur Poster


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Dinosaurs, Pachicephalosaurus Dinosaur Poster brought to life in vivid detail. These digitally rendered posters depict the dinosaurs and their environments with stunning imagination and painstaking attention to the scientific record.

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Because all the most popular dinosaurs represented, including Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor, the Prehistoria Collection is sure to connect with children of all ages.

This poster is produced to excite but also entertain children of all ages. Because the posters are large and full color they depict the dinosaurs in great detail. All posters are printed on premium 100-pound HannoArt Silk paper, aqueous flood-coated for exceptional sheen and wear resistance.

This Pachicephalosaurus Dinosaur Poster is : 18″ x 26. Because of the popularity of Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park, this poster series was designed. Each poster is full color and exhibits outstanding detail. Because the background is also so vivid, it seems like the picture could come alive and dinosaurs could just walk off the poster.

Much care was given to faithful recreation of these Pachicephalosaurus Dinosaur Poster images but we still do not know their colors. Some artistic leeway is given but the images are still quite realistic.

Printed in the United States these posters are shipped within three days of order placement. They will be shipped in a poster mailing tube to reduce chance of damage.