PaleoJoe Mysterious Mammoth Book


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In this adventure PaleoJoe and his Dinosaur Detective Club, Shelly and Dakota, help PaleoJoe search for rare blue mammoth tusks in Siberia where our hero’s meet up with their old nemesis – Buzzsaw.

This is book number 5 in the popular series of chapter books, Paleojoe’s Dinosaur Detective Club and is loved by children around the country.

PaleoJoe Mysterious Mammoth Book. The books are written by PaleoJoe and his co- author. Written for kids grades 2 through 6 but older children and even younger kids that read well love these books. In this story Paleojoe and his museum detectives try to solve the mystery of the events in the museum. Trapped in the cold of Siberia how do the get out of this mess.

These are fantastic real-life dinosaur adventure stories mixed with fantasy and storytelling. This series is capturing the imagination of children everywhere. PaleoJoe Mysterious Mammoth Book follows a group of students as they try to solve a mystery. But they are distracted by events at the museum. PaleoJoe tries to find the solution but it is his student detectives that help solve the mystery. Follow PaleoJoe as they learn about the rarely found Blue Mammoth Tusks but do they get out of the frozen cave and who solves the mystery.

PaleoJoe is a real award winning paleontologist that digs all types of fossils and dinosaurs. He takes his real life experiences and mixes in some fantasy but the paleontology is real. PaleoJoe Mysterious Mammoth is but 1 book in the series of 5 chapter books that thrill kids of all ages.