Partially prone PACIPHACOPS campbelli Oklahoma Trilobite


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Very Nice Prone and arched PACIPHACOPS campbelli. This not an uncommon position these trilobites are found in. It is one of the most well known and recognizable trilobites from the Black Cat Mountain area of Oklahoma.
Here is a very nice trilobite from the Haragan Formation of the Devonian Period in Oklahoma.
Its distinct caramel color on a cream matrix makes the trilobite seem to jump off the limestone rock matrix.

They lived, thrived, and became extinct MILLIONS of years before the age of dinosaurs!
Trilobites spanned a time that  covered 5 geological periods spanning over 300 million years of Earth’s history

The trilobite is  .96 inches by .56 inches set on a matrix block that is 1.38 by 1.24.

A Classic trilobite from a classic location.

Devonian Period
Haragan Formation
Black Cat Mountain
Clarita, Oklahoma