Partially Rolled Paciphacops




Partially Rolled Paciphacops found and prepared by the master himself Bob Carroll.

The well preserved trilobite is an excellent example of this species. This trilobite was prepared by Bob Carroll, a world-renown preparator and specialist in the Oklahoma trilobites.

This trilobite was purchased by me at the annual Mid America Paleontological Society Annual meeting. Because Bob is so well versed about these trilobites and his preparation of them they are in high demand. But these trilobites are hard to come by. Because they only come from a small location within the Black Cat Mountains few people have access to them. They are Devonian in age and are quite common in this deposit. Bob has spent years digging in this location and has found many Partially Rolled Paciphacops trilobites.

But in this case Bob brought many trilobites both prepared and unprepared to the annual meeting. I was fortunate to sit with him at breakfast and purchase most of what he had available including this Partially Rolled Paciphacops.

This is a beautiful trilobite because of the rich caramel color of the trilobite and the creamy beige color of the matrix. It is one inch long and the tail is tucked underneath. The partially Rolled Paciphacops sits on an irregularly shaped matrix that is 5 1/4 by 4 inches.