A wonderful trilobite from the famous fossil site in Hamburg New York. It is a partial Penn Dixie Eldredgeops trilobite that is slightly compressed so it is not completely round. It sits on a matrix that will stand on a desk top or cabinet.

Here is a great example of the trilobites coming from this classic and well known site. The trilobites from this location exhibit outstanding detail right down to the eye facets and bumps on the head section. They normally are preserved with a rich black color on a dark gray or gray matrix. Many from this site are also preserved with outstanding thick bodies that make these trilobites very showy.

The Penn Dixie Eldredgeops was most likely rolled to protect from danger. Because the body segments were able to move trilobites were able to roll up into a ball. This protected them from storms and predators. Because New York was once a tropical sea near the equator it had storms.  Some of the storms were so violent that the trilobite could also roll to protect from them.

The trilobite itself is 1/2 inch.  The Matrix is an irregular gray matrix 2 3/4 inches by 3/4.

A classic trilobite from a classic site.