Polished Chunk Mammoth Tooth


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Here is a very nice slice a Polished Chunk Mammoth Tooth. It has been polished to reveal detail. This fossil has spectacular color and definition. It also has part of the root polished.

In some cases when the fossils are not able to be successfully repaired they are sliced and polished for use in jewelry, knife handles on and on. They have quite a unique internal structure.

This Polished Chunk Mammoth Tooth was found in Alaska and polished. Mammoth were very plentiful during the beginning of the Pleistocene. But by the end all the Mammoth were gone. Many believe it was due to over hunting by primitive man and Climate change.

Because gold miners are looking through the sediments of Alaska for gold, they are finding prehistoric remains. Because they use high pressure water to dislodge the permafrost, bones and teeth are being exposed. The bones and teeth are then sold to collectors. Even broken pieces are used. In this case a badly broken tooth was Polished. So this Polished Piece Mammoth Tooth van reveal the inside of the tooth.

This Polished Chunk Mammoth Tooth slice is cut so that it may stand by itself in a cabinet or shelf. It is an irregular piece 3 1/4 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches wide and deep. It has great color and definition. Quite a unique piece.