Polished Orthocone Cephalopod


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This is a large Polished Orthocone Cephalopod, commonly called Orthoceras.

These are animals related to the modern day octopus and squid. These creatures had a soft body and an internal “bullet shaped” structure that preserved as fossils. These creatures would lay down additional body segments as they grew. And it had a structure called a SIPHUNCLE that ran the length of the cone. The siphuncle could be pumped with air to keep the creature buoyant. These are found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

This is a large Polished Orthocone Cephalopod. It has an overall length of 7 1/4 inches and BONUS this one has a tube structure visible and there are several more animals on the piece. The The tube structure is a part of the cephalopod that is a hollow tube running the length of the creature. Because it is a hard shelled animal it needs to be buoyant. So the cephalopod can pump air into the tube and thereby keep itself stable in the water.

Because they are related to octopus and squid they had the same types of arms, head and eyes. They were said to have great vision but as soft tissue rarely fossilizes we cannot determine that.