Polished “Petoskey Stone”


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Exceptionally large and Hand Polished “Petoskey Stone” Michigan’s State Stone. One can see the exceptional detail that makes this coral sought after. Though there are many similar corals found , none has the luster, shine and design of these beauties.

These are actually Devonian Corals from the area of Michigan that was once the bottom of an ancient Salt Water Tropical Sea over 360 Million years ago. Polished, these corals exhibit outstanding detail, right down to the septa within each corallite. Each corallite was an individual creature that made up these large colonies.

Hand Polished “Petoskey Stone”. These corals are often found on the lakeshores of the Great Lakes especially Michigan and Huron. Because it takes lots of work, these are exceptionally polished on all sides. But when they are found along lakeshores they are not so pretty. It takes time and patience to prepare a Hand Polished Polished “Petoskey Stone”. These are colony corals but Michigan also has solitary corals that grow by themselves. One can imagine that Michigan once the bottom of a salt water sea looked much like the Great Barrier Reef.

The remains of these ancient coral reefs can be seen in certain parts of Michigan. Because the coral reefs were so abundant they gave refuge to many types of sea creatures.